ENERTITE® spray foam insulation

ENERTITE ® – this is a low-density open cell spray that is ideal for roof, timber frame, wall and floor applications. Applied as a liquid, this water blown system expands to many times its original size completely filling all voids helping to provide a continuous thermal and alright building envelope.

Main features and benefits of that system are:

  • Quickly and economically applied with no waste, minimum fuss and with maximum effect.
  • Cost effective option for superior airtight and thermal insulation
  • Rapidly expands to 100 times filling voids and sealing
  • Ideal for new build timber frame walls, pitched roof construction, refurbished dry linking walls, suspend timber floors, ceiling insulation and flat roof construction
  • Will least lifetime of building and will not settle and sag
  • Improves energy efficiency and provided barrier against unwanted sounds.
  • No VOCs, CFCs, formaldehyde and has no harmful side effects
  • The system has a low GWP (1) and zero OPD
  • Manufactured by BASF the leading global producer of polyurethane spray foam
  • Fully CE Marked and conforms to the Construction Product Regulations